People Doing Good

One of the best things about my journey is meeting some amazing people who are passionate for what they do. I’ve come across many great people who are involved in organizations that do good. I want to help showcase these various organizations and  have included some links below:

Junior Chefs of America (JCOA) is a Tampa based 501c-3 organization that allows children the opportunity to learn about culinary arts and the importance of food nutrition. This organization 100% funded by donations and you can donate here.

The VooDoo Chef Foundation is a Tampa based 501c-3 organization that provides meals to those in need and provides financial support to those seeking an education in the foodservice/hospitality industry. This organization is funded by donations and you can donate here.

The Roswell Homeless Coalition is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work they do is more than providing a place to stay.  They are agents of hope that breath life into forgotten dreams. Through partnership with local agencies they are empowering individuals to reach their full potential in the Roswell community. You can donate to the coalition here