Holland: The pup

Woof! My name is Holland and thanks for stopping in to hear about my story. My name used to be Jeanette but my dad renamed me after adopting me from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. I don’t really remember how I ended up at the Humane Society but I do remember I was about 2 years old and I just had a litter of puppies. Because I had those puppies my belly was shaved and all droopy and I definitely didn’t look as cute as I once did.

One summer afternoon in 2015 I was taking a nap when this funny looking guy kneeled down and put his fingers through my cage. I was pretty tired, but he seemed to be really checking me out so I got out of bed and walked over to sniff his hand. I’m pretty sure I smelled bbq and I immediately started wagging my tail. I thought to myself that guy must love food! He eventually got up and walked away. He was gone. I was on my way back to my bed when I heard the jingle of some keys! One of the nice ladies from the shelter started unlocking my cage…and she was with the food guy! We went outside and played around for a while. He gave me belly rubs and butt scratches and then we came back inside. Our little date was over and I went back to my cage. 

A little while later he was back! This time he had some paperwork in one hand and dog toys in the other hand! He had a pretty big smile on his face and seemed extra happy to see me this time. They opened up my cage again and we walked out to the parking lot where there was a bright blue pickup truck! He opened the truck door and with no hesitation I jumped right in! My new life was about to begin!